Power Menu: Our workflow enhancing Finder extension for Mac

Some of our best apps are created due to us simply making something we want to use in our own workflow. This is true for our new app, Power Menu, which is a FinderSync extension that seriously powers up your Finder by adding a right click menu with a set of powerful actions that supercharge up your workflow.

Power Menu comes bundled with several pre-set actions and also allows users to write totally custom actions in shell script. This opens up an almost limitless array of possibilities to tailor the app to your own needs.

The pre-set actions are shown below:

We will be constantly adding new pre-set actions and have some other awesome features that we will be developing for the app in the coming months.

You can learn more about Power Menu and purchase it by visiting this page: https://fiplab.com/apps/power-menu-for-mac

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Jamie Larson