Why We Had to Pull InstaReel Off the Mac App Store

With regret, we had to pull InstaReel off the Mac App Store last night due to Instagram’s new API usage policy. InstaReel was a long standing fully native Instagram client that we’d made with a lot of love and care to provide our users with the slickest and sweetest Instagram experience. It was a well loved and widely used app not only across the globe, but within our own team here at FIPLAB.

However, with the new changes to Instagram’s policies, the app stood no chance of survival as its functionality was disabled from their end. In short, this is what Instagram has decided:

The photo-sharing app is killing support of the feed API that allows outside apps and websites to pull in your feed as part of a larger effort to clean up its platform. With updates to its Platform Policy, Instagram will only let apps that help users share their photos access your collection of snapshots.”

We apologise to all our InstaReel users and fans who enjoyed this product and are no longer able to use it. We also wish to thank you for supporting this app. We do, nevertheless, offer a newer alternative app for Instagram that complies with the new changes to the API policies by providing direct access to Instagram web through a native wrapper. Please check out Go for Instagram and download it for free.

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Jamie Larson