Battery Health 3 for Mac is coming soon!

We have some very exciting news for the 1,000,000+ Battery Health users worldwide! A few weeks ago, we began development on a brand new version of Battery Health, which will be a premium full-featured product containing advanced battery data for both Mac and iOS devices.

Yes, you read that right, the app will connect to your iPhone and iPad over iTunes WiFi Sync (or USB cable) and load in your iOS device's battery information. For those that are experiencing a short battery life on their iOS device, this tool will be invaluable in helping to determine if there is an issue with your battery, such as a deteriorated battery capacity.

Our goal with Battery Health 3 is to put the emphasis on your battery data and avoid any unnecessary user interface distractions. We know that most people only occasionally want to look at all these details to make sure their battery is healthy and performing well. Therefore, our user interface will feature a very clean and simple look. Speed and low resource usage will be prioritized.

We will also be improving upon the battery level notification controls and power history feature to make them more useful and easier to understand.

During this stage of development, we are welcoming suggestions and ideas from our users on what they would like to see added, tweaked and changed in Battery Health 3.

We are aiming to release the new version in the middle of July.

Battery Health 3 will be sold directly via our website and will not be available through the Mac App Store. For a short period of time, we will be offering introductory pricing to allow existing users to get the new version at a discounted price.

To get notified when Battery Health 3 launches and to benefit from the introductory pricing, please sign up to our mailing list.

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Jamie Larson